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The cost of Operation Smoke Storm is £235 + VAT for 12 months full access. This allows each purchaser to use 18 'credits' worth of resources on a weekly basis (i.e. the equivalent of running all 3 sessions 6 times every week).

For larger establishments we can offer special discounts, please see our table of charges below:

Number of schools/youth clubs 12 month membership fee (per school/youth club)
0 - 25 £235 + VAT
26 - 49 £223.25 + VAT
50+ £211.50 + VAT
This groundbreaking resource is available from as little as £1.57 per student*, making it one of the most economical, interactive learning products on the market.

*This is based on a year group size of 150 students.

Correct at publication date – October 2015.

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